Siri Gets Ported To iPhone 4 But Can’t Phone Home.

iPhone 4 users grabbed most of iOS 5′s awesomeness this past Wednesday save for one very intriguing feature — Siri. The voice recognition and “personal assistant” was deemed not suitable for the single-core iPhone 4. Calling Apple’s bluff were legions of iPhone 4 users and iOS hackers citing the device was plenty capable. Varying opinions aside, developer Steve Troughton-Smith has managed to get Siri up and running albeit with a one major bug. It appears Apple’s servers won’t respond to Siri requests when coming from an iPhone 4. Naturally, this is a pretty serious problem, though one that will be overcome in time.

Apple is nototoroius for holding back features on legacy hardware for either performance reasons or simply to give a new device exclusivity. The latter is an annoyance. Nonetheless, we’ll continue following Siri’s relocation to iPhone 4.

In the meantime hop past the break to check out a video of everyone’s (iPhone 4S users at least) personal assistant in action on the iPhone 4…



Source: @Stroughtonsmith (Twitter) | Via: TiPB