Snapheal Updated To Version 1.1 – Only $5.99!

If you can muster up the brain power, you might remember the review we did of the new photo editing software; Snapheal. MacPhun has continuously released apps that have made us all types of happy for both iOS as well its desktop counterpart OS X. If you bothered reading our review, you’ll know that we obsoletely loved the app and enjoyed our time with it. The biggest pro was the amazing ease of use for the beginner looking to complete Photoshop style editing without the daunting workspace that is Photoshop. Snapheal also had 1 con that really was upsetting for us, the speed in which the effects took place.

With version 1.1, MacPhun LLC has fixed the speed issues we mentioned by giving a Performance boost to the Erase Tool, making it 2x times faster than the previous version. The ‘Clone & Stamp’ tool also was given a performance optimization making it smoother and quicker than version 1. We have been using it for a few days now, and we’ll have to say the issues we had with it during our review period of version 1, have all been fixed. Snapheal also introduces some nice Gestures Support, giving us 2-finger scroll as well as pinch to zoom, so use on my MacBook Air was a lot more natural to the way I use the Trackpad and Gestures.

Snapheal is still extremely easy to use, and offers the beginner the satisfaction of knowing it can complete some heavy editing without having to have tons of knowledge. And with the new version running at 70% off for a limited time, there should be no reason you don’t check it out! We have the inside scoop and know that the sale will run until this Thursday, so this will give you a few days to pick up an amazing app for only $5.99 before it is raised back up to $14.99.

What’s New In Version 1.1

1. Performance boost for Erase tool. More than 2X times faster.
2. Overall memory usage and performance improvements.
3. Significant performance optimization for “Clone & Stamp” tool.
4. ?rashes fixed.
5. Minor bugfixes.
6. Gestures support:
• Two-finger scroll
• Pinch to zoom
7. Drag’n’drop images into application window
8. Major update of Sharing functionality. Much better.
9. Adjust tool improvements.
10. User interface improvements.

Pick up your copy at the Mac App Store today for the low, low price of $5.99!