Sneak a phone into a UK prison? The dogs will be watching…err..sniffing…

Dogs have long been used by police forces for means of identifying drug paraphernalia. It seems the nose…knows. You can’t fool a dogs olfactory senses as they’re really, really sensitive. But good ‘ol fido will have to put off retirement a bit longer because police forces in the UK, South Wales specifically, have trained one of their 5-year veterans to sniff out not only drugs, but phones too.

He goes by the name of “Max”. This 5-year member of the South Wales police force recently completed an intense 2-week training program outfitting his canine body with the ability to distinguish phones from prison suspects. The really cool part is that it’s not just “phones” in the literal sense. It seems dear old Max can even make out individual SIM cards and batteries too!

With prisons around the world having increasing trouble detecting electronic equipment, having a reliable resource like Max is a big help. Here’s to another five years pup…

**Image is not really Max…**