So how heavy is the internet…?

An article appearing on Cnet today presented information trying to put a nice number figure on the actual weight of the internet. Now right off the bat, a lot of people are going to question the plausibility of such a calculation. Can you really weight the internet? In Cnet’s article they go through the various parts that constitute the internet. Parts such as computers, wiring, smartphopnes, etc. Now while those use the internet and help shuttle the internet, they aren’t “the internet”. The internet is a collection of data or ideas shared between peoples. That data is nothing but digital or magnetic 1′s and 0′s — mere electrons. So is the article spot on with a grand total of roughly 500,000,000kg? I personally don’t think that a weight can be placed on a service such as the internet.

However, as an article to make you think about everything that we interact with today and how the internet affects our lives, trying to put a weight on or even guessing a weight is highly intriguing. If you would weight the internet and based it off of the calculations on Cnet, what would you include and eliminate? How would you weight the internet?