Sony Almost Released A Dual-Sliding Xperia, Was Originally Meant To Be A Nexus Branded Device

If the mobile gods had so chosen, the Samsung Nexus S would not have been a “pure” Google phone on in Google’s flagship Nexus line. Instead, the phone you see above, codenamed “Zeus”, was going to take the cake. (Image comes from a slide in the ongoing Oracle vs. Google trial.)

The dual-slider featured a slide-out game pad much like the Xperia Play but also a second slider that slid out over top of the game pad.

Now we know what you’re thinking — “Too thick!” But would it have been…really? Our biggest gripe with phones these days is they’re too thin. There’s nothing to hold on to. A dual-slider as outlined by Sony’s patent above would have been a thick device. Make no mistake about it — especially if a larger capacity battery was implemented. But while it wouldn’t have necessarily won any beauty/thinness contests, it would have almost certainly been an awesome device to text/game on for extended periods.

Source: USPTO | Via: Reg Hardware, The Verge