Sony Announces Vodafone Partnership For European PS Vita 3G.

U.S. PS Vita owners have but one choice — AT&T. It appears European owners will have fate/option as well (at least for now) as Sony has officially spilled the beans on their European carrier partners for the European bound PS Vita. Vodafone will be the “preferred partner” for the near-term which seems to point to a potential second, third, or more additions in carrier support later on down the road.

The list of European launch countries under Vodafone’s reach include: UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands (SFR in France).

Pricing for the PS Vita 3G will be €299.99 (£261), with the WiFi-only version going for €50 less at €249.99 (£217). Any potential monthly/one-time fee for 3G service hasn’t been divulged. Also unknown — whether or not the initial batch of 3G PS Vitas are tied to Vodafone permanently or will have the option to be unlocked and roam to another carrier at some point in the future.

For fans of Sony’s mobile gaming platform who want the ultimate mobility by way of 3G service, how is the PS Vita shaping up for you?
Source: PlayStation Blog (EU) | Via: Pocket-Lint