Sony Continues On Path Of Douchyness

  • February 8, 2011 9:45 am

While everyone over at Sony is up to their PSP’s in legal paperwork while attempting to sue everyone on the planet that likes to dabble in hacking consoles, they sure know how to keep up the craptastic thwarts. Rumor has it – and only a rumor at this point as Sony has declined to verify it – that Sony will be adding a Serial Number like protection to PS3 games. You might recognize this if you have ever played a PC game, or installed software for that matter. Sources say that Sony will be adding a code to the inside of game packages that will need to be entered before playing/installing games on your PS3, most likely limited to 3-5 installs.

To me, this is a bad idea. Being in the middle of a lawsuit,  trying to get all evidence of the ps3 jailbreak off the interwebs – they want to counter piracy in any way they can. But seriously Sony, do you really think this will work? Have pc games stayed safe? The 1337 pirates and hackers out there will find a way to crack these codes. It might take them a bit to perfect it, but it’ll happen. It has been done on the anti-piracy attempts Nintendo has placed on their studio games, it’ll be done on these ps3 codes too.

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Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support piracy and I do believe in developers receiving support on some amazing releases, but I think Sony is handling this the wrong way. Adding a protection code to ps3 games will most likely result in the used game market taking a loss – which I see all the game developers out there not getting behind. I know a lot of people out there that purchase a game brand new, beat the crap out of it, then return it for a bit of a refund to put towards a new game.

We’ll have to see how this plays out. Sony is supposedly looking into other options as well. They needs to understand that the jailbreak scene isn’t about piracy. Having the ability to really “own” your electronics is a great feeling. I love the fact I can install any 3rd party software on my Wii and actually get into the roots of the console. My xbox isn’t modded, and that is because there is no reason to. Once I can scrounge the money for a ps3, it will be jailbroken, as there is actual homebrew. This is the same with my iPhone, jailbroken to unleash the actual magical device it should be. The sky is the limit when you can actually do more with a piece of hardware than it was initially intended.

I think Sony, as well as Apple, etc. should embrance the homebrew scene for the talent, and endless possibilities. Piracy will always exist, it is the worlds 2nd oldest profession, next to…

If Sony wanted to do some good for themselves, they should attack the people ripping the games and popping them online. Not the people with a fun hobby doing what they enjoy. I am really interested in how this plays out and what this does for sales in the long run. But I guarantee that piracy will not stop. Games will still be released online, which will be one of the only places to get em since you probably won’t be able to buy them used ;)

Source: PS3News


  • andrewms

     EA has done this for online content…  just figured this would catch on.