Sony PS3 finally getting a price cut?


Sony isn’t always the most giving to their customers.  Take for example the PS3.  It didn’t sell very well over the holiday season, (though that didn’t stop Sony’s CEO from declaring the PS3 the most successful console of the year).  Sony has stubbornly refused to drop the price of the PS3 stating that they feel the price is more than generous.  Ok, guys.  More than generous has come and been long gone.  If you want to start making money in this economy you’re going to have to take a small hit early on in dropping the price in order to get more people to let go of their bennies.  Got it.  Good.   Between the $60 off deal Dell had a couple weeks ago coupled with the $50 gift card add-on with any PS3 purchase at Walmart and now a $50 discount on Amazon all point to a Sony led price cut.  Nothing official has yet been announced but the evidence sure is piling up.  Could we pretty please get a few dollars off Sony?  Would that be too much to ask?


Source: Alley Insider

  • Gib

    I tried to buy a ps3 directly through Sony a few months ago with employer discount and they would not process of and gave me the run around. It was so lame. They really didnt want to discount