Sony To Charge PS Vita Owners To Download Already Owned UMD Media.

  • November 11, 2011 7:25 am

Sony isn’t exactly one of our favorite companies for a number of reasons spanning multiple decades. But every time we try to give Sony the benefit of the doubt they go and do something like this — Sony has announced that PS Vita owners looking to make the move from the PSP/UMD environment to the Vita’s all-digital one can download already purchased UMD games and media at a discounted rate by way of the “UMD Passport” app. The app will scan all of your games for legitimacy and then credit your account accordingly. Pricing for the newly discounted media will be between 100 and 2,400 yen (~$6.50-$13). U.S. pricing hasn’t been announced yet.

We’ll quickly admit that something is better than nothing. But charging to re-download something you’re already paid for? It just doesn’t seem very pro-consumer. On that note, Sony isn’t the only company who’s taken this route in the past and certainly won’t be the last. Then again we thought we were moving away from these ridiculous policies towards a more common sense driven model. Perhaps we were wrong.

Say what you will about critics of Sony’s new plan being “whiners” or suffering from too much “entitlement”. All this is is Sony doing it wrong, plain and simple.
Source: Sony Japan | Via: TheVerge


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