Sony Xperia X1 available now in *some* Sony Style stores


Are you feeling lucky, did you check your horoscope, pray to whoever it is you pray to (or don’t), and count your lucky stars?  That is just about what it will take to get a Sony Xperia X1 right now in the states.  WM experts happened to follow the above advice and got lucky at the Sony Style store in California where they are covering Macworld tomorrow.  They decided to stop inside and inquire on if they had an X1′s for sale.  The salesman replied:

“We had them before but they took them away for some reason.  But we just got two in on Saturday.  Let me ask if we’re allowed to sell them, they said we could start on Monday but let me confirm.”

You know WM Experts couldn’t resist and after dropping a few pennies collected from the couch, make that 86,700 pennies to be exact, they were proud owners of a new Sony Xperia X1!  They are going to carry it along to CES and really put it through its paces this coming week before they make their final judgment.  I sure wish I had 86,700 pennies to dump on my latest gadget!

Source: WM Experts