SOPA Infographic: How The Entertainment Industry Always Resists New Technology

After yesterday’s widely publicized (and we’d say rather successful) “blackout”, the world is far wiser knowing the dangers that SOPA/PIPA present to not only the U.S. internet, but the global internet as a whole.

If you really cut through all the crap (government, lobbyists, etc.), you’ll see that it is once again the entertainment industry trying to cripple/reject evolving technologies and services so that they can keep sucking in record revenue year after year. Of course, making money isn’t bad. But how they do it, all why crying out that their industry is dying, is repulsive to say the least.

At every step along the way in the last ~100 years, the entertainment industry has fought tooth and nail to keep technology at bay. And time and time again, they’ve lost. Perfectly illustrating their repeated failures at stalling innovation is a handy infographic from AddictingInfo. Check it out after the break…

  • Source AddictingInfo