Sound Off: Nano-SIM Dilemma. Which Design Should Win?

If you haven’t been crawling through the interwebs the last couple of days, you’re probably out of tune with the nano-SIM debate that is beginning to boil. Let us fill you in. In short: There are two sides — Apple vs. Everyone else (Nokia, Motorola, RIM and more) — fighting for the next sim card specification.

If you’re like many of us here at GS, you’ll feel that such a fight is pretty stupid, and in fact quite over-hyped. We’re talking about removing a few millimeters of plastic in total. Look at your current micro-SIM card. Now look at the image above. Soooo different, isn’t it?

Apple wants to use something like you see above — basically a micro-SIM with the plastic edging removed — while the competition listed above wants to go with a more stand alone card that is closer to a micro-SD card in that it doesn’t need a tray like current sim cards do.

Both designs have their advantages. Apple’s approach (above) is the simplest to implement and will allow backwards compatibility (via adapters) with non-nano-SIM devices. The competition’s stand alone idea will be smaller and not require any SIM card tray (see below), that as small as it is, still takes up valuable space. The downside, of course, to using the Nokia/RIM/Motorola-approved designs is that swapping nano-SIM cards between regular SIM and micro-SIM devices will be all but impossible.

Besides the mounting manufacturer opposition against them, Apple also has the governing body of SIM card standards, ETSI, questioning their nano-SIM design. Part of the requirement for the nano-SIM spec is that whichever design is chosen “shall prevent the 4FF from becoming jammed in a Mini-UICC reader”. (Read: stupid people shouldn’t be able to jam a nano-SIM into its home the wrong way.) With Apple’s design, a careless user could put the nano-SIM in sideways seeing as how it is 12mm long — nearly the same width as current micro-SIMs.

Excluding the fact most of us at GS are pretty big Apple fans (with the exception of Greg who is alone on his own Windows island), we genuinely like Apple’s approach better. What’s your choice?


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