Sparrow 1.1 For iOS Now Live! Team Promises Push Is Coming “With Or Without Apple”.

(Most) everybody’s favorite iOS replacement, Sparrow, is now officially at version 1.1 in the App Store. The new update brings several new features including send & archive, ability to show/hide dock badge per account, show/hide specific labels and folders, a new built-in web browser and “empty trash” and “empty spam” options. Naturally, bug fixes are packaged inside too — fix for issues with Google Apps account authentication and custom SMTP for Alias.

What’s next for version 1.2?
In the same blog post on Sparrow’s website, the team also gives a rare peek into what is coming in version 1.2:

  • Localization for 9 new languages
  • Landscape mode in compose screen
  • Ability to swipe up and down between messages

What’s up with Push — It’s coming “with or without” Apple.
Even better than the version 1.2 sneak peak, Sparrow also mentioned that their quest to have Apple tweak policies regarding the VoIP API they were using for Push Notifications in early betas might be gaining some traction. Specifically, Sparrow says that they will submit version 1.2 first with their VoIP API-using Push Notification feature enabled. Because of this (and the very real risk of denial by Apple), the team says version 1.2 might take longer than usual to hit the App Store. That said, Sparrow also dropped that they are “in talks with partners” regarding Push solutions and that “with or without Apple”, Push is coming. Consider us stoked.

All in all a great app gets even better, and its future looks brighter yet.

If iOS news isn’t your forte, Sparrow also talked a little bit about Sparrow 1.6 for Mac. Bug fixes and performance improvements are the main story to tell here. Though, hotmail and Live accounts will now be supported as well. Most importantly, however, is support for POP accounts (finally).


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