Sparrow For iPhone Teased: Profiles, Multiple Accounts, And…

Apple’s loosening restrictions on how identical apps’ functionality can be compared to stock apps means better experiences (and choice) for all of us. Not too long ago the idea of anything but mobile Safari on the iPhone was crazy talk. And yet there are now dozens of replacements. Could the same happen to on iOS?

We’ve already heard from popular Mac competitor Sparrow, and their plans to change mail on the iPhone. While details about the app are pretty slim, The Verge has managed to score an early preview of Sparrow for iPhone. Early takeaways include profiles, labels, and multiple account support (power users rejoice).

After Google’s disgusting Gmail for iOS release, we’re finding even more humor in Sparrow’s earlier tweet:

“In a few months, you’ll get the Gmail experience you deserve on your iPhone.
Sparrow to the rescue!”

Now we’ll just have to sit back and wait for Apple and see if they’ll approve it.

According to Sparrow’s own Dominique Leca, Sparrow for iPhone should be ready for release “in the coming months”.

Via: TheVerge