Spotify’s iPad App Finally Released!

Spotify subscribers and iPad owners can finally delete that ugly (on the iPad at least) iPhone Spotify app from their iPad. Spotify has officially released the new, iPad-specific app designed for Apple’s 9.7-inch wonder tablet. The app is far from a simple re-skin/port as it features a completely redone UI that is frankly one of the best looking iPad apps we’ve seen yet. As you’ll see in the video below, navigating the new iPad Spotify app is quite intuitive and effortless. Colors are muted and laid back with an emphasis on album art (naturally) and open space.

Along with the new tablet UI, Spotify has rolled out a group messaging feature as well as crossfade and gapless playback support, and AirPlay integration.

As with all Spotify mobile apps, a $9.99/month Premium subscription is required to access the (free) app and mobile service.



Via: TheNextWeb