Sprint Shutting Down Picture Mail Service On April 30th. Download Your Data Now.

Remember when MMS was considered a fancy thing to have? It’s been many many years since those humble technological origins. And as nostalgic as you may be for those old methods of sending pictures to and from mobile/desktop, better things come along. Now we have smartphones and tablets with umpteen number of ways and services to share information. The lowly picture mail service just isn’t worth keeping around.

Sprint agrees. The carrier is sending out emails highlighting the April 30th shutdown date of Sprint Picture Mail service. Take note: If you use said service, Sprint is giving you 30 days to download any images you may have stored online, after which the carrier will delete all data.

We’re sure there are still a few people out there who thing Picture Mail is the greatest thing since sliced bread. And to those people we simply say, please, join us in 2012.

Source: Sprint | Via: AndroidCentral