Sprint: We’re Done Selling WiMAX Devices. Have You Heard About LTE?

Well all knew it was coming: The day in which Sprint would formally announce that they had abandoned WiMAX hardware. Welcome. Today is that day. At a conference held earlier today, Bob Azzi, Sprint’s Senior Vice President of Networks stated that the carrier “will not release any more WiMAX enabled devices moving forward”. Sprint’s 1900 MHz spectrum is now being prepped for the carrier’s ongoing switch to LTE, and the carrier is also in the process of moving 800 MHz (currently inhabited by iDEN) over to LTE duty too. All of the aforementioned spectrum shifting is part of Sprint’s grand “Network Vision” plan to migrate as much spectrum to LTE as possible, their (new) 4G technology of choice after a failed stint with WiMAX.

2012 is going to be a very busy year for Sprint. Not only do they have a massive network rollout ongoing, they have already committed to releasing ~15 LTE devices before years-end. The completion of Sprint’s “Network Vision” program is scheduled to wrap up sometime near the end of 2013.

Source: Fierce Wireless | Via: MobileBurn