[Update] Starting In May: TigerDirect Discount Pricing In-Store Through Lowes.

We’re not exactly the home improvement/construction-y type of people. But that doesn’t mean we don’t occasionally go wandering around Lowes or other similar home improvement stores. That said, we completely understand how wondering the stores’ giant aisles can get the creative juices flowing and a project kickstarted. And it is completely gut wrenching when you go on a spending spree with all kinds of materials and tools to build a super awesome new project (say a man cave) and realize you have to make another trip to Best Buy or wait a week for it to ship from Newegg to pick up that TV that’s on sale this week. Now you don’t have to.

Beginning in May, Lowes and TigerDirect will join hands and form a partnership of sorts. Anyone shopping inside of a Lowes store can also buy electronic items through TigerDirect.com — many items often coming in at a lower price than even the best discounts available outside of the store. Employees on the other hand get one even better in that they can buy items at cost from TigerDirect.

We’re told the transactions with TigerDirect will be routed through an internal “special orders” process, hence the inability for normal customers to get the “Lowes discount” outside of physical Lowes retail locations.

Anyone think this little deal might help make your next home improvement project a bit cheaper (and fun)?


We’ve been contacted by a member of TigerDirect’s PR company stating that there are not any publicly available discounts for customers to be had and that Lowes employees pay more than cost.

Our source has been had a pretty good track record, so we aren’t writing this off yet. We’ll keep digging…

  • Loadbrecht

    it was announced in a store meeting that Lowe’s employees will be getting items at cost . I for one will be upset if they pull back on this promise

    • http://twitter.com/the_gadgeteur Mike Norris

      I’ve been hearing that too (the store meetings informing employees of how the Tiger Direct plan works).

  • Wendall446

    This was mentioned by our store manager at the morning meeting today.