Stock Android theme too common for you? Try the Ghost Black theme.

  • January 21, 2009 10:59 pm


While Android and Mobile OS X look amazing straight from the factory, it’s always nice to be able to customize your gadgets.  Themes (skins) make your gadget a little more personal and allows your to stand out from the crowd.  Themes are the often overlooked part of mobile devices that can really add to the usability and appeal.  Todays platform of interest is Android.  While everyone else’s G1 looks the same, you can walk around and show off “Ghost Black”.  It is a wicked cool theme created by “toxtrepla” from  The theme is a beta so glitches and bugs are to be expected so apply the theme with caution.  To apply the theme, put the theme on the root of your SD card, rename it to “”, reboot into recovery mode, and apply the update.  Click through for more pictures of the theme in action. 


Source: Mod My Gphone, xda-developers

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