Streaming Music Service, MOG, Reportedly Bought By HTC’s Beats Audio.

While we all have our own opinions as to what makes a streaming music service “popular”, we’d wager that MOG, Spotify, and Rdio are the “big three” at the moment, with others like Pandora,, Grooveshark and more catering to smaller niches. This afternoon the scene got a bit more interesting, though, with Business Insider confirms that they too have heard similar murmurings, specifically about “term sheets” and potential contracts have floated between the company over the last few weeks.

If true, the move will be a huge potential win for HTC and Beats as the hardware manufacturer will now have a very music-specific hardware feature that is much better than competing devices and something that none of them have — a massive library of streaming music to offer up exclusive content to customers. What’s uncertain is how any acquisition would affect non-HTC customers, if at all.

MOG has always been a smaller player in the music streaming business, though has prided itself in offering up continuous 320 Kbps songs by default, and long before the other big players. Beats Audio, meanwhile is a company that produces higher-end audio gear. The match between the two seems logical and like a sure winner. Toss in the whole global distribution via HTC smartphones and tablets and you have a potential giant in the making.

For now take the above as rumor. Once more info is known, we’ll let you know.

We’re curious to hear what hardcore MOG users, people who more often than not would classify themselves as “audiophiles”, think of being scooped under Beats Audio — a brand that claims to produce high-end audio gear at premium pricing, though is often outclassed by competing products at a fraction of the price (and routinely criticized in the audiophile world). Thoughts?

Source: Business Insider | Via: Gigaom