Survey says…”Verizon = FAIL”

I am as you know it, a gadget freak.  I love electronics, technology, etc.   Cell phones are my latest addiction.  With that said, when I first found out about the Blackberry Storm, I (HATE Verizon) instantly considered switching to Verizon for the Storm.  After the first couple of days have hype, I began to logically think about why I had never used Verizon in the past…(Overpriced, lack luster phones, NEUTERED phones…etc.)  I thought to myself is the Storm really worth it.  I have since come to the conclusion…NO!  I won’t dispute the fact that they have the best data network in the US, hands down it smacks everyone else’s network to pieces.  But they’ll need a lot more than a bigger network to wow me over.  The thing that bothers me is their blatant ignorance and stubbornness in refusing to adopt wifi into their phones.  All newer blackberries come with wifi.   Why you ask?  EVERY network (yes even you Verizon) has dead zones, if you’re in a hot spot, it can definitely make a difference and allow you to keep surfing or whatever it is that you’re doing in case you lose a carrier signal.  Further still while Verizon’s network is the largest broadband network, that broadband is only in metropolitan areas and cities.  If you live outside of the city, chances are all you have to use is 1xRTT which is sloooow…Completely worthless for any type of internet use.  Defenders will say you have EV-DO, and no need for wifi, again EV-DO is not everywhere.  Also in large cities, there tends to be lots of large buildings made of concrete, (they like the hustle and bustle of city life I guess).  Concrete isn’t so nice with cell signals.   Again, wifi saves the day in the office in the back corner where your cubicle just happens to be located.  Besides the lack of wifi, one other absent bit of technology is tri-band HSDPA.  That is understandable seeing as Verizon is a CDMA network and HSDPA is more of a GSM flavor.  However one would thing with the “Storm” Verizon is trying to create they would make it a world edition like the 8830 and include some GSM radios for globe trotters.  But with that comes the risk of people buying the Storm and unlocking it to use on other carriers.

All carriers have pros and cons and completely retarded polices, that is capitalism at its finest.  But for me, a SMARTPHONE, such as the Storm, without wifi, is an epic fail.

source: Boygenius