[Update 2] Sweden (And UK, Denmark, Norway and New Zealand) Now Also Considering Investigating Apple’s Use Of “4G” For Third-Gen iPad.

Apple’s Australian 4G headache could be the tip of the iceberg. After the Australian 3rd-gen iPad WiFi + 4G drama circulated yesterday comes a new report that Sweden’s Consumer Agency is looking at investigating Apple for misleading marketing too. A lawyer for the Swedish Consumer Agency, Marek Andersson, says that the investigation will look into if Apple has been clear enough with marketing material and specifically highlighting how LTE support is non-existant outside of North America.

Apple has already offered up giving refunds for Australian customers for the same issue above, though it’s unclear if they will do the same for Swedes, too (they probably will). The company has also stated they’re willing to put up more signage at phsyical retail locations highlighting the N.A.-only LTE availability.

As we mentioned with the Australian “story”, HSPA+ is sadly referred to as “4G” in the states (and several other places in the world). We’ve now seen that Australia bucks the trend and does not consider HSPA+ to be such, and it appears that Sweden sings the same tune when it comes to next-gen “4G” networks. That said, we’re torn. We’d like to criticize people/governments complaining that Apple isn’t being clear enough with their iPad 3 4G marketing — it’s written on the damn box and plastered on their website. At the same time, we’re happy to see at least a couple consumer agencies actually trying to protect consumers from shoddy marketing practices (referring to HSPA+ being considered “4G”).

Another legitimate claim or more drama that is unwarranted?

Updae (11:10am)

The Verge is now now reporting that the UK is looking to join in on the anti-4G train.

Update 3 (1:26pm)

Denmark, Norway, and New Zealand too.


Source: WSJ | Via: AppleInsider