T-Mobile getting the super average Nokia 7510 “Supernova”


Revealed on Nokia’s site and already talked about by Engadget Mobile, the Nokia N7510 or “Supernova” breaks into the light of day.  T-Mobile is working hard these days to improve push an image of coolness in order to attract more subscribers as well as retain the old ones.  This phone is actually a pretty cool looking phone, however that is where the goodness stops.  Obviously 3G isn’t on the list of “cool” features as AWS support is kicked to the curb.  The much more mainstream and almost ancient GPRS/EDGE highlight the Supernova.  On a lighter side.  The outside of this flip phone has a “hidden” display.  What is really is is a basic LCD under a semi transparent body colored panel giving the illusion that the plastic on the phone itself is the display.  Nice little touch.  Other little tidbits include a 2MP camera with LED flash, support for up to 8GB microSD cards, an FM Radio and QVGA screen.  I hope T-Mobile starts backing their trendy designs with some actual substance.  In this ever faster moving mobile world, deploying a 3G network and 3G phones at a snails pace isn’t going to help T-Mobile.

Source: Phone Scoop , Engadget Mobile