T-Mobile Jumping In On The Anti-AT&T Bandwagon Over Cellphone Unlocking.

While T-Mobile pretended to like AT&T just so they’d buy them and solve a fair chunk of their money problems, now that the gov’t has spoken and broken up their little love party, T-Mobile is back at the anti-AT&T game. And what better way to get people to jump ship to your service than tug at their wallet strings.

AT&T had an asinine policy regarding cellphone unlocking. The whole purpose of a SIM card is to allow the end user to swap SIM cards with differing cellular providers as they need to, say for when traveling abroad. Why swap when carriers offer international plans? Have you looked at an international plan from any wireless carrier in recent history? They suck. Seriously. Do NOT waste your time with them. Buying a pre-paid SIM card abroad and popping it into your phone is a much cheaper way to go about it.

Back on topic, AT&T recently amended their phone unlocking policy to finally allow it as long as the person’s phone is out of contract and the account is “in good standing”. Sadly, the plan is no less asinine than before. Pretty much every other GSM carrier around the world will happily unlock your phone for free (sometimes for a nominal fee) regardless of contract status. Why? Because they’re not assholes.

Which brings us to T-Mobile and the anti-AT&T bandwagon we were talking about. It’s no secret T-Mobile has a healthy chunk of iPhone users on their network. While said iPhone users are stuck at EDGE speeds for now thanks to T-Mobile’s goofy 1700 AWS band, times are a changin’. T-Mobile is moving their HSPA+ super speedy network off of AWS and onto the 1900 MHz PCS band to make room for their incoming LTE network. AT&T just so happens to run on the 1900 MHz spectrum in most of the country, and the iPhone has support for 1900 MHz (obviously). 1 + 1 =… see where we’re going here? As T-Mobile lights up 1900 MHz HSPA+ in more markets, iPhone users on the nation’s 4th largest network will begin seeing that ghastly “E” switch over to “3G” (or “4G” depending on version of iOS), and data speeds double, triple, or more depending on the quality/speed of the towers in that area.

Per T-Mobile:

…we will continue to deliver more value to customers as we expand and modernize our 4G network. Beginning this year, we will introduce HSPA+ service in our 1900 MHz PCS spectrum. When we do, our 4G network will be compatible with a broader range of devices, including the iPhone.

Of course, once Apple releases an LTE iPhone the drama will start over again. The (globally speaking) tiny amount of users on T-Mobile’s AWS 1700 MHz band simply isn’t an economical decision worth making at this point.

Via: Gigaom