T-Mobile Says Good-bye To 1,900 Call Center Workers

For 1,900 T-Mobile call center workers, the weekend is going to be a lot more depressing and…jobless. Reuters has confirmed that rumors from earlier in the day foretelling of a T-Mobile layoff were true. While 1,900 is only ~5% of T-Mobile’s full workforce, it’s a depressing situation for those involved no matter how you look at it.

But it’s not all fire and brimstone. T-Mobile is reportedly offering the 1,900 now jobless employees a chance to transfer to one of the remaining 17 call centers, where the carrier is actually looking to hire 1,400 additional employees to try and offset those being let go today.

The main reason is easy to guess — money. But before you jump to conclusions, it is a legitimate move on T-Mobile’s part. The company is trying to preserve as much cash as possible in an effort to ramp up network upgrades (read: LTE) in the coming months.

Source: Reuters