Take That! AT&T HTC One X Gains Its Own Bootloader Unlock.

Despite AT&T’s wishes that your HTC One X remain firmly locked and un-hackable, the fine folks at XDA have shown their hacking chops are still strong. To begin, all you need is a rooted AT&T HTC One X. Simple enough. Next, some knowledge in the world of ADB as well as a familiarity with a hex editor are necessary. Get past that and you’re quickly on your way to having a much more open One X.

The goal of the hack above is simply to change your device’s unique identifier so that it identifies itself as a Rogers Canada One X instead of an AT&T U.S. version.

While having AT&T back down and simply provide a not-so-difficult solution for power users would of course be ideal, we guess we’ll have to settle for back alley trickery for now. So be it.

Source: XDA | Via: Engadget, Geeky-Gadgets