“Tethering coming soon”..so says AT&T

Chances are, by now if your even remotely tech smart and wanted to tether your iPhone to your laptop you probably have already explored the world of jailbreaking. Setting up tethering on a jailbroken iPhone is hardly a chore. With AT&T’s delay because of fears their crappy 3g network will cave under all of the extra traffic (we all know it’s true) one would ask, will anyone even pay for the most certainly overpriced tethering option from AT&T once ts actually released? I’m sure a few tech retarded people and a few people mortified of voiding their oh so useful warranty from Apple will gladly welcome AT&T’s new addition. Honestly it should be included in the overpriced $30 data plan. Paying extra for tethering is paying twice for one thing. It’s dumb…really.

Source: Boygenius