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The Chinese must really like their smokes: The “Machismo” Cigarette Lighter Cellphone

Did you as a kid ever sit down and create a sort of “life snapshot” book, one that contains a list of places to visit and things to do before you die? Perhaps it’s a dying trend these days. I’ll admit that I actually made such a book a few years back. But little did I know the ultimate thing to see in life was missing. The #1 “thing to see/do before I die” is to experience “The Machismo”.

This wonder gadget straight out of China shows us just how addicted the Chinese are to smoking — it’s a cellphone with a built in cigarette lighter. Yes, a cigarette lighter. Heating up the necessary coil to light a cigarette isn’t exactly battery friendly. As such, I can’t imagine the battery life on this phone is too spectacular. Chinavision’s description:

“The problem with modern life is you have to carry around too many things in your pockets. Wallet, keys, iPod, cellphone, and if you’re a smoker – a cigarette lighter too. Well here’s the perfect solution – The Machismo. Instead of carrying a phone AND a lighter, just turn this amazing phone around, slide open the safety latch, and the underlying heating element heats up in under 2 seconds. Place your cigarette on the glowing element and puff. Your cigarette is lit and you can enjoy your smoke. Super huh? Yes, Machismo!”

Once you get past the chain smoking good times this phone will provide, it is in reality a phone and an unsurprisingly average phone at that with specs such as: Tri-band GSM, dual-sim slots, 2.5″ touchscreen, 1.3 megapixel camera, and multimedia playback. The lung cancer is a free added bonus. Totally super! Catching lung cancer on the go is now even easier for the nicotine junkies as the Machismo can be had for the low low price of $68.51 USD. Have you picked up yours yet?

[Product Page — China Vision]


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