The Complete Motorola/VZW Keynote Wrap-up.

Motorola didn’t just reveal a new fangled uberphone today, but an iPod Nano killer too! Get the full rundown after the break…



We’re all waiting for some awesome super phone and BAM! Motorola unveils an exercise companion, the MOTOACTV. According to Motorola, MOTOACTV will play “the songs that push you most” while also tracking miles traveled and calories burned in the background.

Being a device targeting active users means the ACTV needs to be able to withstand a beating. Good thing the ACTV’s screen is viewable outdoors, sweat-proof, rain resistant, and scratch-proof.

Specs include a 600 MHz processor, 35-gram weight, GPS for route tracking, heart rate tracking, capacity for 4,000 songs and…it runs Android. Two Bluetooth headsets — SF500 and SF700 — will be offered for sale to compliment the go anywhere image. Bonus: the device will auto-upload exercise info to your computer when joining the same WiFi network — no more dripping salty human juice on your precious keyboard.

Pricing & Availability: 8 GB ($249)/16 GB ($299) beginning November 6th —, Best Buy, Verizon Wireless, Amazon, and more.

Droid RAZR

Yup. The RAZR is back. But this time instead of just a svelte figure, it packs a brain too. The 7.1 mm then RAZR manages to cram a 4.3″ Super AMOLED Advanced qHD display into its tiny frame and layered with Gorilla Glass. Motorola even claims a new in-house nanotechnology called “Motorola Splash Guard” makes the RAZR’s display more durable than your average smartphone. (Read: It’s really pretty.) The processor is in fact the dual-core 1.2 GHz slab that’s been rumored for many weeks, tag teaming everything you throw at it with a full gig of memory. LTE is on-board so you can hit that new data cap faster than ever, too. Notable mentions: Bluetooth 4.0, 16 GB of internal storage + an included 16 GB SD card.

Despite the 7.1mm machined and laminated casing, the RAZR will feature marathon-like battery life. Motorola claims 12.5 hours for talk and 8.9 hours for video playback.

True to Motorola’s recent past, a small army of add-on accessories will attempt to keep you on your RAZR for each and every second of every day. Accessories include a 10.1″ and 14″ laptop docks, portable power/charging pack, car navigation dock, HD station and dock (with webtop support), and wireless keyboard with trackpad.

Debuting on the RAZR are a new software featured dubbed “Smart Actions”. In short: “Smart Actions” is a fancy name for battery/app management profiles. Moto claims a battery savings of up to 30% when employed.

Pricing and availability: Look for Droid RAZR pre-orders to go live October 27th with actual availability “in November” — $299 w/ a 2-year contract.


Motorola’s personal iCloud-like fighter, MotoCast, will attempt to make a seamless experience out of uploading content to your local computer — essentially a “local cloud”. Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha hit home MotoCast’s preferred method of syncing data to actual devices as opposed to leaving it in the cloud. This, Jha claims, will ensure people to become to reliant on “the cloud” should it fail.

Setup of this “personal cloud” is simple: Connect the device to a PC with a USB cable, create an account, and share.


The RAZR follows pretty much what the rumors have been saying for the last several weeks so the surprise is mostly gone. Nonetheless, getting official confirmation of the latest Motorola Android combined with a new cloud-based syncing service is good enough for us. Add in an iPod Nano killer that should finally give active Android users a valid non-Apple offering and we’d say Motorola had a good day. (Though, we would have loved to see some info on the XOOM II.)


Via: Engadget | TIMN