The Incredible 4G LTE Is The Sleeper Hit Of The Summer.

In the modern smartphone world (U.S. more-so), bigger is better. It seems each flagship device tries to one-up the device before it with an ever-so-slightly larger display. The largest “phone” to date is Samsung’s 5″ Note (aka: “Phablet”). While it’s uses are best suited towards content consumption such as videos and games as well as content creation by way of various artistic apps and the included stylus, for normal day-to-day use, it’s quite unwieldy. What I’ve preached for several years now is that bigger isn’t always better. And finally, it appears HTC was listening — Incredible 4G LTE.

Woah. “Wait a minute”, you say. The Incredible 4G LTE is a more mid-range device compared to other phones’ spec sheets. And to that, I agree. It is less powerful than some of your uberphones. But specs aren’t everything. Windows Phone and its countless (much) lower powered devices running faster and smoother than just about every pre-ICS smartphone are a testament to this. ICS, on the other hand, is a completely different beast that finally appears to be negating the need to constantly harp over near-meaningless specs.

Think about it. Up until the Incredible 4G LTE, dual-core + LTE didn’t come in anything smaller than 4.3″ in screen size, with the most average size being 4.5″. That’s a big phone. Many people (myself included) like being able to (very) easily use every inch of a phone’s display with a single hand and without having to shift the phone up and down constantly in our hands to do so. The Incredible 4G LTE is perfect for that.

With Android 4.0 ICS on board straight from the factory as well as a plenty fast 1.2 GHz dual-core processor + 1 GB of RAM, there’s no reason this phone shouldn’t run buttery smooth. With HTC’s increased focus on efficiency in Sense 4.0, the software on the Incredible 4G LTE is a complete departure from the older “Incredible” devices. The 8MP rear-facing camera and 8 GB of built-in storage are also noteworthy features adding to this phone’s utility/allure.

Just as important as processor + RAM is the one thing we stare at every time we grab our phone — the display. At 4″ is is, in our opinion, the perfect size for one-handed operation. Add to that the 540 x 960 qHD resolution and a lack of PenTile filth (Super LCD is used here), and you’ve got a pretty capable display to boot in my book.

Yes. I think the Incredible 4G LTE is actually a pretty awesome phone worth owning, even more-so than many of the larger, more powerful competitors. It’s the Android phone I’ve been waiting for for a while now. Call me weird, stupid and out of touch. The Incredible 4G LTE is the perfect sleeper hit.

  • MattQuinlan

    Went from Incredible 1 to Thunderbolt for 4G LTE capability and simultaneous data+voice but  now am drooling over having my 4″ screen again with LTE in the incredible 4g.  The thunderbolt has been good to me but it’s just too hard to get outta my pocket easily (“is that a thunderbolt in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”)  My only question is battery life.  If I learned anything from seeing the launch of the Thunderbolt and the Droid Razr it’s that the marketing department wins when the engineers complain “we can’t launch with a battery that weak b/c nobody will ever be able to get through the day without a charger”.  The marketing department says “who cares?  then we get to sell everyone extended life batteries and new backplates and new cases. It’s a WIN WIN! (except for the customer)”.  See Droid Razr Maxx as textbook example of the Moto engineers finally getting their way.

  • calfman

    I’m a current moto droid a855 user and this will be perfect for me. Completely agree with the article.

  • Tony

    Just hope it doesn’t release with the rumored $299 price tag (+$30 upgrade fee). Still have the original Incredible since release in 2010 and am looking very forward to the 4G

    • Werdnaelliott

      I completely agree with you Tony, I’m also a original Incredible owner and have loved it.  If I could keep my phone and add 4G, I wouldn’t even need a new phone.  So I’m hoping the Incredible 4G is the answer.  But I won’t be buying the phone anytime soon if it’s $300.  I’ll wait until Verizon starts discounting it.  It only took 4 months for Verizon to knock $100 off the price of the Samsung Nexus Galaxy.  I can wait 4 months.

  • Lara Wechsler

    I agree too.  I think 4″ is great.  Lots of people have iPads and tablets, so no reason for smartphones to inch towards the size of a tablet.  I want a very good camera on my smart phone and like the phone not huge.  and the resolution for the 4G incredible has for the 4″ screen is great enough for anything.  I had the 1st incredible and then the thunderbolt, and now I have the Droid Bionic.  I am so looking forwarding to getting back to the HTC ESPECIALLY FOR THE CAMERa, Motorola’s cameras absolutely stink in comparison.  Can’t wait, hurry up, want to take more photos!  I used to use my HTC camera soo much, the Bionic’s camera suck so bad I rarely use it.

  • Jfinbox

    And while HD displays are good for video etc. Its actually BAD for the device utility as a whole . Apps are not formatted for the resolution, thus rendering it smaller then on lower resolution screens . Text is smaller, requiring you to zoom in more often,
    I’m a rezound owner,(HD display 13.6 mm thick 6 oz. phone 4.3 disp ) and I agree, will switch to Inc 4G (11 mm 4.6 oz. ’4 disp ) is perfect