The media mogul and open-source dream toy — Pandora — “is a go”.

Despise all things proprietary? Have a penchant for the more obscure gadgets that only true diehards know of? Make room then, for another gadget at your table. The “Pandora” is a music/video/game/emulating gadget that has been a long time in the making. Obstacle after obstacle appeared and seemingly rendered it vaporware, with months going by nary a peep.

According to Open-Pandora’s homepage, our wait appears to be over. Of course, even though pre-orders are live doesn’t mean the company or it’s little wonder gadget are out of the woods. So if there are any doubts floating around in your head, either put the wallet down and walk away, or pounce. Pounce hard by buying 10 of these! Ok, don’t go quite that far.

In all seriousness, if you want to snag one of these sooner rather than later, you’re best bet is to send a few dollars to the team now so that they actually have the funds to make the unit later. Yes, it’s that small. But you know what? Some of the best gadgets have come from small, handmade companies and geek crews such as the Pandora team.