The perfect light for those late night bathroom trips/fridge raids: The 9V Light.

Want a cool gadget that can help you out in a pinch, especially when the lights go dark? There are countless different designs and intensities for little flashlights. Yet none are as simple and easy to use as the “9V Light” created by Richard Lawson. Nothing more than a 9v battery and a simple plastic-ish box that contains the LED light connects straight to the battery. How much easier can it get? One other pretty cool feature is the tilting functionality. That is, when the light is tilted on it’s side, it automatically switches the light off. I can see how this would be both bad and good.

Sadly, Richardson didn’t win the “Mathmos” competition he entered his little gadget into for a chance to get his gadget manufactured and shipped around the globe. But judging by how cool this little light is, that loss wasn’t really too much of a problem as you can now find the 9v Light over at gnr8 for $25. How bright is it? Think of candle. Perfect for those dark bathroom trips at night or a simple light to read with. What would you use one for?