The Real Reason Facebook and Ping Don’t Play Well: Hypocrisy and Double Standards. #facebook

  • November 17, 2010 10:50 am

A few weeks back when Ping launched, this whole mini-war erupted because while initially there was Facebook support, it was pulled by Apple in the wee hours of the morning. People noticed, however. Following the Facebook blocking, Steve Jobs went on to say at a following keynote that “Facebook was requesting onerous terms”. He never divulged more than that, leaving the rest of us to wonder.

And now, yesterday at the Web 2.0 summit, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg shed a little more light on the issue by saying that the real reason Facebook and Ping don’t integrate is because of data reciprocity. Zuckerberg gave an example using Facebook and Zynga, stating that Facebook invested in infrastructure costs in turn for Zynga’s vast library of games. You know, give and take.

And that’s quite ironic…
Of course, this argument might hold a small cup-full of water if it weren’t for the fact that Facebook pillages data from Google, and yet when Google tries to do the same, Facebook turns around and cries foul. According to Facebook’s official responses, it isn’t any one person’s right to farm their friends’ contact information and then share it with the world. Yet it’s ok for Facebook to farm the very same information.

Furthermore, when Google dare shut off Facebook from siphoning Google’s own data, Facebook finds a way to hack around it. Granted, the term “hack” is used lightly because anyone can do it. But it’s the way they’re doing it that’s wrong.

Who new, it wasn’t onerous terms after all. Just double standards and hypocrisy.

Via: MacDailyNews

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