The Woody of 2010 — a simple DIY flash drive.

Mentioning the word “Woody” to your elders — especially the “older” elders — will garner colorful stories and vivid accounts of years past when cars had actual wood on the outside of the body. Crazy stuff. Nowadays, the only thing slapped on the outside of most cars is some form of metal or carbon fiber. Different times, different toys. Seeing as how a ton of wood is now being freed up since it isn’t going to automobile designs, why not take the chance to do something crafty and put that non-used wood to good use?

If you’ve got a solid hour, a USB stick, a couple of blocks of wood, a tool of some sort to cut and/or drill (a dremel is preferred), some glue, and a small bag of patience, you’ve got all that you need to set out and make your own homemade flash drive. The full instructions can be found at Instructables. But really, how hard could it be? Just drill/dremel/cut a hole in the wood, pour in some super strong glue, place USB stick inside, and let dry.

One more thing. The directions and pictures on Instructables depict a rather thick block of wood being used. I can understand the added thickness for durabilities sake. If I decide to undertake “Woody Remake 2010″, I’ll more than likely go with a slightly thinner piece of wood. If you’re in the same boat as me concerning drive size, be prepared to color outside the lines a bit.

See, I told you it was easy.