Thermaltake And BMW-Designed Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Announced. (Watch Out R.A.T.)

PC gaming mice are kind of like shoes; everyone has one that “fits” just right, and in turn is their favorite. For those longer gaming sessions especially, comfort and customizability are the names of the game. Looking to own the PC gaming mouse business, Thermaltake and BMW have teamed up to bring you the most customizable, high-end gaming mouse possible.

Where the Level M mouse is different from its competitors is the two-piece (top/bottom) design, that according to TT/BMW allows the mouse to be adjusted up to 5mm vertically and also tilted horizontally, turning it into the most customizable mouse on the market. The design is also hollow through the center as to allow air pass through, keeping your clammy paws relatively dry.

What’s also impressive is that this shape-shifter of a mouse features an insanely high 8200 dpi (can drop all the way down to 800dpi) ensuring no movement is too slow. While we’re not sure if anyone will ever realistically need 8200dpi, the option is nice to have (and a good marketing point for sure). Colors at launch will be Diamond Black, Iron White and Military Green.

The pair haven’t announced specific pricing for the Level M, but if it’s like the other BMW-designed Level 10 hardware, look to pay a small premium for the privilege.

Via: Bit-tech
Image Source: TheVerge

  • Hc Jamboree

    Yes I can’t spell. LOL sorry( Plain mouse ) Suck! Two Razer mice! I Have not seen what this mouse has to offer that would make me want to pay more for. You know what they say about the difference between a BMW ans a Porcupine? The BMW has athe pricks on the inside. Just seems a little like an attempt to set up a class system based on who has a BMW mouse.  I have an Idea, I want to take the rad and cooling fan from an Aston Martin to cool my coolermaster case..Or a mercedes headset with the symbols on them ? Or I will keep my Corsairs and love them because the work and the are comfortable on my head and with my budget.Do we need car companies designing computer parts?

  • Regan Penne

    You know what The rat has three attempts so far to get it just right,I have never really liked them They are ugly and remind me of a mechano set more than a realistic mouse. As I get older I have started to really detest the childish attempts at high tech comp parts.Steel series has done a remarkable job of showing people that a plan old fashiond good mouse works. I have twoRazers I have passed on to family members due to how much they suckk ass! I just bought a cm storm sentinal for under $50 bucks and I have to say at 5600 dpi what more do you need it has a custom weight set in it like my old logitech but has some cool features as well. You can switch the led colors in the front and top or have them pulse. And last but not least it fits in most peoples hands just right with an anti slip surface. so there you go! Just my take on it.

                Hc Jamboree

  • E4rache

    8200dpi. A feature no one will use being a good marketing point ?
    I guess I know nothing about marketing.
    Does it makes coffee too ?

    • The Gadgeteur

      Good marketing point because it looks impressive on paper. Big numbers grab attention.