Thinner and stronger iPhone 5 To Be Made From Glass And/Or Ceramic?

Back on March 2nd, Apple released their U.S. jobs report. In said report it states that Corning employees create the majority of the glass for iPhone – a shocking, though not too surprising revelation. We’ve seen how tough the iPhone 4/4S’ glass can be.

At this year’s CES, Corning announced the next generation of Gorilla glass, aptly named “Gorilla Glass 2″, which among other things, will be tougher and stronger than the first iteration. The announcement by Apple as well as various rumors circulating around the web the last few days are beginning to paint a vivid image for the next-gen iPhone’s casing – once again it could very well be all glass or glass + ceramic.

For many critics of the iPhone 4/4S’ use of front and back glass, the potential design of the next-gen iPhone isn’t sounding like it’s going to be a winner. Glass, no matter how scratch resistant, is incredibly fragile when it comes to simple drop/shock protection. In Corning’s defense, they do make the claim that Gorilla Glass 2 is up to 20% stronger than its predecessor. That said, if Gorilla Glass 2 is as awesome as Corning claims it is, and with Apple looking to make their iconic handset even thinner, we can certainly see the two companies teaming up yet again to push the boundaries of mobile handset design and engineering.

In the coming months we expect to find Gorilla Glass protecting an increasing number of Apple products.

So we’ve got to ask: Is the potential for a next-gen all-glass/glass+ceramic iPhone turning your off?

Source: 9to5Mac