Qualcomm Allegedly Underestimated Demand For S4 Mobile Processors. Supply Said To Be Short Through Rest Of 2012.

According to BBC, the next several months could see shortages of Qualcomm’s new S4 mobile processors due to the company underestimating demand and simply not being able to keep up with requested orders.

The S4 processor is not only a very good performing dual-core chipset, it’s vital to U.S. customers looking for the best processing power for their mobile device whom also want LTE functionality. The other big rival, Nvidia, currently doesn’t support LTE on their Tegra 3 platform, and won’t bring LTE support to next-gen hardware until very late-2012/early-2013.

Qualcomm is looking to dampen any negative fallout from S4 shortages by (1) trying to persuade manufacturers to use the company’s other “Fusion 2″ chipset and (2) outsourcing additional S4 production to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). Qualcomm also mentioned they might consider limiting S4 processors to higher-end devices.

Despite the supply issues, Qualcomm doesn’t think there will be any long-term negative ramifications thanks to their alternative platforms as well as admitting that competitors would likely step in and provide their own solutions as well. Still, now that we’ve seen how awesome the S4 can perform, handedly keeping up with Nvidia’s quad-core Tegra 3 platform despite having two less cores, being faced with potentially lesser options is a tough pill to swallow.

Source: BBC, GottaBeMobile | Via: Ubergizmo