Toshiba Creates Small Army Of Office Products With One Goal: Erasing Toner And Reusing Paper.

As far as office products are normally concerned, you’re dealing with big, hulking printers, lots of paper and a ton of toner. But Toshiba has some fancy new erasable toner that could make your typical office a lot greener.

The concept is simple: the paper is fed through a second machine that heats up the paper (and toner) again, which in turn makes the old toner invisible. Adding to the versatility is a built-in scanner that allows you to scan pages as they make their way towards the big bad eraser. The pages are said to be able to withstand 5 cycles of printing and erasing.

The only downside we can see is that 1) these machines are still massive and take up as much room as a computer from 1964 and 2) it’s all proprietary. You’ll need a special Toshiba printer, toner and eraser. Oh, and the initial units rolling off the line will only print in blue toner. A small problem we’d say. But if such things aren’t on your list of worries, look for Toshiba’s fancy printers to go on sale in Japan sometime this winter.

Via: The Verge