Tweebie For iPhone Teased. A Better Twitter Client For iOS Is On The Way.

Yes, yes yes. Another Twitter client for iOS. But before you scroll/click on past, you’ve got to at least look at what developer Doney den Ouden is doing because it’s awesome

It’s called “Tweebie”, and it is gunning for all other Twitter clients on iOS. The initial teaser shot shown above shows a UI very similar to Twitter for iOS, however, it already surpasses Twitters’ own efforts as it does away with the wasteful and stupid margins the company refuses to drop while still retaining the fresh new coloring scheme. Mini-rant aside, Doney is promising much, much more in terms of functionality with Tweebie for iOS too.

The first big feature we get a peek at is the “Activity Bubble”. The most immediate correlation we can draw is to something like the bubble/pop-up found in Instagram that shows likes, comments, etc. In Tweebie, this pop-up will various interactions and auto-hide after a few seconds as to not become more of a hinderance than helpful tool.

Like the Mac version, Tweebie for iOS will include the same “Infini-tweet” feature. For those unfamiliar with Infini-tweet — automatically type out tweets longer than Twitter’s default limit of 140 characters. Infini-tweet will wrap 140+-character tweets into additional compose boxes, seamlessly handling the creation and sending of multiple tweets. Those who despise 3rd party services like Tweetlonger (raises hand), Infini-tweet is the perfect solution as it will be seemless and completely contained within Tweebie.

Tweebie On The Mac

Our excitement for Tweebie first began when Doney posted a couple of pictures showing off Tweebie’s unique “Infini-tweet” feature (mentioned above). And it only snowballed from there.

As far as Mac clients go, Tweebie already looks like it will take the crown as best looking Twitter app. The addition of Infini-tweet as well as some other core staples (like Tweetmarker and…we hope…streaming) will make Tweebie a hard app to top.

In Remembrance of…Tweetie

Switching speeds back to iOS, Twitter/iOS users from 2009/2010 are likely still raw about the sad demise of Tweetie, a third-party iOS Twitter client that was hands down the best in just about every way, and an app with a very loyal following. It had a nice, simple design as well as decent amount of features for power users. Twitter’s purchase and adoption of Tweetie’s features in recent months has unfortunately gave way to an app that is perhaps a bit nicer (different) looking though ultimately flawed. While we won’t go over the individual flaws with Twitter’s own app (we’ve done that plenty of times), we’ll simply reiterate that it is far from perfect. And that’s where Tweebie is coming in for the kill.

All that said, we have a feeling Doney has a soft spot for Tweetie just like us as the “Tweebie” name is awfully similar. Design-wise, Tweebie borrows a lot of the same colors and gradients from the newer 4.x official Twitter app. By all means, it’s not a bad thing — we like the new Twitter app’s design save for, again, the margins on the sides of timeline views.

When all is said and done, this mashup of Twitter clients old and new is something we’ve been dreaming of for a long time with no currently available Twitter client (Mac or iOS) quite getting it right. The added bonus of Mac and iPhone clients is a huge plus, too. We’re pretty damn excited for Tweebie (if you couldn’t tell) and will be sure to update you with more as it becomes available. Speaking of availability, Doney has stated that Tweebie for iOS and Mac is still in the design stages meaning our excitement will have to drag on for (probably) a couple more months. Hang in there…

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