Tweetbot 2.0 Is Out! Here’s What’s New. (It’s Awesome).

Tweetbot 2.0 has been teased around twitter for the last couple of weeks. Though if you follow either @tapbots_paul or the official @tweetbot account, you’ll know the taunting has been especially brutal the last couple of weeks. But the waiting is finally over. Tweetbot 2.0 is here. Hop past the break for a breakdown of the new features and screenshots…
The overall fit and finish of Tweetbot seems tighter, the minor addition in features are handy, and performance seems improved. Certain actions are still a bit cumbersome (such as navigating the nested settings panes), but overall it’s a very good 2.0 update. We especially like thumbnails in the timeline (even if other apps did it first).

But as awesome as Tweetbot is, we (as well as many other potential Tweetbot customers) are still left waiting for an official iPad version as well as the elusive #006 app. Another day, perhaps. But for now, enjoy Tweetbot 2.0 and let us know what you think.

Available now in the App Store for $2.99 to newcomers or as a free upgrade to current users.

New Features & Tweaks

  • Updated timeline view along with support for inline thumbnails within timeline
  • Links within timeline are now easily discernable by a different color and single-tappable
  • “Retweeted by” bar now integrated and tappable
  • Cell colors have been tweaked for better contrast
  • New DM view
  • “New Tweets” bar has been redesigned — (Can be dimissed by tap and configured in Settings > Display)
  • Timed auto-refresh. Set the timeline, mentions, and DMs to refresh every 5 minutes
  • Readability support added as mobilizer service
  • “Much improved” tweet replies view
  • Links in user profiles are now tappable
  • “Huge” font size option in Settings
  • Improved scrolling performance