Tweetbot 2.1 For iPad Now Live, iPhone Update Pending

Everyone’s (except iMikeBeas and a couple other peoples’) favorite iOS Twitter client, Tweetbot, has a new 2.1 version ready (and waiting). For iPad users, the biggest update brings the hallowed Retina support for the 3rd-gen iPad’s high resolution Retina display as well as Streaming support (WiFi only), improvements to Tweetmarker,Camera 3.0+ integration, and the usual bug fixes. Other tweaks include removing the “new tweet” sound for new tweets and keeping them solely for @mentions and Direct Messages, as well as a seemingly handy double-tap feature on the timeline tab that takes you to the last read tweet first, and the top of your timeline second.

Smaller-screened users have a bit longer to wait as the 2.1 update for iPhone hasn’t been certified and published just yet. But, keep checking. Also, we’ll let you know when it goes live for iPhone.

Via: Tapbots