Tweetbot 2.3 Update Now Live: Gestures, Features And UI Additions Abound

Our current Twitter client of choice, Tweetbot, received a rather stout 2.3 update today, bringing with it a packed back full of UI tweaks, new integration options and new gestures.

The biggest and most notable visual change now occurs on the single tweet view. Now as soon as you enter a single tweet you are presented with monochrome-ish icons for replying, RT’ing, etc. From the single-tweet view above you can now also swipe left-to-right to get back to the main timeline/conversation view. Speaking of conversation view, that too has been revamped; now replies also show inline to a conversation making following outside commenters on a particular convo a bit easier.

Another under the hood improvement that is sure top lease the power users of the group is new email options for conversations. Like to chronicle epic tweet arguments between people? Now you can open the conversation and email it straight to services like Storify. It’s worth noting that conversations uploaded to Storify use your own Twitter account and are auto-published by Tweetbot without the need for a dedicated Storify login. Nice.

Another biggie: Droplr support. If the various text/image/video sharing services aren’t your cup of tea, you’ve now got another well made and popular service at your disposal. Also, thumbnails of images/videos within the timeline view are now more easily discernible – video thumbnails have a “play” button icon on the image immediately telling you if you’re looking at an image or video thumbnail.

Other tweaks include the Tweetbot’s ability to correctly recognize $links and open up the most recently saved draft by simply pressing and holding the “Compose” button.

Overall, the Twitter powerhouse and true Twitter power use app on iOS has just become even better. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!