Tweetdeck Updated To Version 1.2 For “Security And Stability Fixes”.

Twitter’s acquisition of popular power user app, Tweetdeck, hasn’t exactly been well received by most. While on the desktop side of things Twitter did manage to get rid of the stodgy Adobe Air format for a more palatable HTML5 variant, they stripped a ton of features and functionality while managing to add back in instability issues and bugs.

Today a fresh version (v1.2) was released sans changelog. The only clue as to what is contained in the latest Tweetdeck update is simply the words “Security and Stability Fixes”. Features aside, if we could get the app to not crash and display random, weird issues we’d be happy. So we’re actually quite glad.

Give the new Tweetdeck 1.2 update a try and let us know how your mileage goes.


  • Source TweetDeck
  • Via TizenExperts
    • Wacman

      My computer recently died o i put Tweetdeck on my mom’s comp. I thought for a second I got the wrong version because of how simple and clunky it was. Thanks for this article as now I see Twitter just screwed with it.

    • Patricia Scott

      Just found out about this changeover, and am now dealing with bugs of Saying “…they stripped a ton of features and functionality” is polite of you. We have lost the ability to track a conversation. We have lost the Followers-list-containing-those-characters as we type someone’s Twitter handle. Frustration and errors ensue with ghastly navigation in this new version. 

      • The Gadgeteur

        If I was mean to everyone and said what I thought (at times), I wouldn’t have any friends.