Unique “Twin Headphone” Concept Features 2 Sets Of Headphones And Open Ear Design.

We’d like to consider ourselves audio junkies here at GS. But we’re not only interested in high-end gear that many would designate as “audiophile” grade, but unique and innovative things as well. The “Twin Headphones” designed by Roel Deden are just that — unique.

When in close proximity to one another, both the outer and inner sets of headphones will broadcast the same source audio thanks to wireless technology. The smaller on-ear headphones are one configuration while the user can also use the second, larger, over-the-ear set to listen to music while also still being allowed to freely hear the world around them.

The open-ear design is a unique twist on headphones designed to be “aware” to their surroundings. With more and more people wearing headphones as they commute by foot, bike, etc., being able to hear the world around you is actually quite important.

It goes without saying, these are a concept headphone that we would love to see hit the streets as an actual product.

DesignBoom | Via: Dvice

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