Unlock The Secret Agent Inside With This Voice-Activated Flash Drive.

Many of you out there in internet land have no doubt gotten that super agent/spy “itch”, most likely after watching your favorite secret agent movie. For us, James Bond and the Bourne series are our favorites in recent memory. And every time we watch said movies, we get that fantasy of ours going thinking about just how awesome it would be to live out the lives of a secret agent. Thanks to hammacher-schlemmer, we can stop dreaming and start living.

Their $49.99 voice-activated flash drive doesn’t look very impressive nor does it boast any lengthy spec sheet. What it does offer, however, is the ability to listen to your voice and use it to access the contents of the drive. (See! Super agent stuff!) The best part is that the voice magic happens on the drive itself, meaning no additional software has to be installed on the device you are using the drive with (as it should be). And don’t worry about losing access because of an altered voice (such as sickness causes) as the voice-activated flash drive can be opened via more traditional methods with a special software package from the manufacturer.

8 GB of voice-activated/protected storage for $49.99. What do you think?

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Via: CoolMaterial, Dvice