Upcoming 28nm Kepler Based GTX 680 Images, Specs Leak!

If you want to really own the competition when it comes to PC gaming, there only solution is a high-end, bank account draining GPU. AMD’s currently having a grand ‘ol time with their 7970 offering, with Nvidia still chugging along with their 1+ year old (though still more than capable) GTX 580. On the roadmap for 2012, however, is their new 28nm based “Kepler” platform. And wouldn’t you know it, this morning the first of many cards from Kepler appears to have been leaked.

The GTX 680 looks like it a hefty upgrade from the previous generation as VRAM goes from 1.5 GB to 2 GB and CUDA core count explodes from the 580′s 512 to 1536! The base clock also gets a sizable increase from 770 MHz to just over a 1 GHz. With so much horsepower under the hood, power requirements are sure to explode equally, right? Wrong. The GTX 680 will reportedly feature a 195W power requirement — down from the 580′s 244W spec.

In short: the 680 looks like it is going to decimate, thanks in no small part to the smaller, more efficient 28nm die process.

Source: PCOnline, Chiphell | Via: TheVerge