Use (Not Own) an iPhone 4S With O2 Lease

If you are interested in having access to a speedy Apple A5 dual-core processor, that beautiful 8 megapixel camera and the intelligent assistant Siri, but don’t want to actually own an iPhone 4S, then perhaps O2′s new scheme is just for you.

O2 Lease is the new plan from the British phone network for new or existing customers, offering a 12-month lease of the latest smartphone from Apple for a mere monthly fee of £55. The monthly cost includes 750 minutes, unlimited texts, 500mb of data, and insurance. At the end of the year-long contract, simply return the phone and move onto your next gadget adventure.

The new plan allows anybody to get hold of the latest smartphones with minimal cost, as O2 goes on to say in their blog, “[O2 Lease] provides certainty and predictability of costs for customers, a genuinely new way of engaging with those that want the latest smartphone and the latest technology every year, but either can’t afford the relatively high upfront cost of a normal 12 month contract or don’t want to be tied to a long contract.”

While the overall costs are relatively low, the monthly fee is far from paltry, especially when the user doesn’t get to keep the iPhone 4S at the end of it. Alternatively, as Apple often updates their popular smartphone yearly, this plan is a great way to keep on top of technology with a yearly upgrade.


  • Source O2 News Centre