Use Silent Film Director On iOS To Enter The International Retro Film Contest!

This is just a quick heads up for all you iOS using readers out there, now is your chance to win the new iPad by creating a kick butt retro silent film! It’s fun to make and incredibly simple to enter…

All you need to do is grab your iDevice, download the Silent Film Director (if you haven’t done so already), shoot and edit your film and then submit it straight from the app!

Prizes include Apple’s latest and greatest iPad (WiFi 32GB), 2 tickets to the legendary silent film “Napoleon” in San Fransisco. Other prizes include iDevice Styluses as well as a Milo for the iPhone.

If you haven’t used Silent Film Director, I highly recommend it. It is a fun app that is easy to use, and you can create some really neat videos. And why not submit for a chance at some great prizes.

Head on over to the App Store and pick up a copy of the app and get to filming!
Silent Film Director [iTunes Link]

Also, head on over to the Official Site for all rules, prizes and info!

Good luck and happy filming!