USPS Doesn’t Like Business, Enacting Ban On Overseas Electronics Shipments.

Have a loved one overseas or business partner that requires sending
consumer electronic goods back and forth across the pond? If USPS is your current shipping choice, you’re going to want to find another. According to FastCompany, after May 16th, the USPS is refusing to ship any electronics with lithium batteries abroad due to the batteries’ highly volatile nature. The USPS also cites two fatal airline incidents since 2006 which
authorities say were caused by faulty lithium batteries in consumer electronics, and says several more accidents could be related.

Just how widespread is this ban? Here’s a quick list (via cnet) that use the oh so dangerous batteries:

  • Video cameras, Walkie talkies (two-way radio), GPS devices,
    Radio-controlled toys, Cameras, Scanners, Cell phones, MP3 players,
    Bluetooth headsets, Smartphones, Laptop computers, Electronic shavers,
    Power drills, Tablets, Portable DVD players and Electronic measuring

For what it’s worth, the USPS has stated that they “may change the ban on/after January 1st, 2013 to allow certain quantities of lithium ion batteries internationally, including to APO and FPO locations. Still, the empty promises won’t do much good for friends and family finding their International shipping charges via non-USPS routes has increased 300+%.

In short: The USPS hates money. The end result, of course, won’t be the reduction of so called “illicit” goods. Other shipping services such as FedEX, UPS, DHL, etc. will almost certainly see (and greatly appreaciate) increased shipping orders/volume.

Anyone peeved at the USPS’ decision?

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| Via: cnet,

  • guest

    I hate FedEx. Not only are they more expensive then USPS, I have to pay US FedEx shipping (from the US) and then pay the local “branch” of FedEx the same amount to deliver it to me (from customs)…

    You are right, USPS hates money…