Verizon = Greedy A**holes

I’ll start by saying, bar none, Verizon has the biggest 3G foot print, and generally in most sections of the country, the best coverage.  However, I don’t care if they had 100% coverage from here until the moon I would NEVER subscribe to their nickel and dime bs.

Rant aside, Boygenius has got his hands on the full two page document highlighting Verizon’s consumer friendly change in their plan pricing and Smartphone/PDA plan schemes.  After November 14th ALL smartphones will require a $29.99 plan on top of their voice plan.  Digging the knife even deeper into the back of the customer starts in 2009 when select Web 2.0 phones with full HTML browsers will also require a $29.99 data plan.  Just think, that cute little flip phone you want to get you daughter for school now carries an extra $30 fine per month on it just because it has some watered down browser that she will never use.

And don’t think you can sweet talk the CS rep into adding the old 1xRTT 10mb block back because their system is being fixed as to not allow anything except $29.99 or more data plans to be attached to said phones.

Some news slightly better than terrible is that existing users of 1xRTT plans and pay-as-you-go data plans aren’t affected.  Its just new users after November 14th.  So if you’re using Verizon and have a Smartphone/PDA with an old cheap data plan (God rest you soul), I would hang on to that like Gold.

Just when I think they can’t possibly be any more of a worthless company, they wind up surprising me.  Congratulations Verizon on making my choice to avoid you AIDS on a stick so much easier.

source: Boygenius

  • CMartel2

    And I spoke to one of their customer service reps over the phone who assured me that by upgrading to unlimited text messaging that my bill would be X. Oh, no. Turns out Verizon also tacked on a $49.00 per phone data charge to my family plan.

    And for what? I’m sorry, but I refuse to pay this. Verizon can jump off a cliff. I’m gone. Not a dime to a useless company like this. They’re crooks, and they know it.

    I’m a doctor. If I want to use my phone to run epocrates, I should be able to. No doubt my patients benefit from my running through countless drug interactions, pricing details, metabollism details, and pill sizes available. But no, Verizon says I should have to pay $50 for some crummy data plan to view the web on a 2.5″ inch screen when I’m surrounded by computers all day.

    Verizon is a backwards, crooked company.

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